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    Yoichi was elected « best of the best » by Whisky Magazine in 2001, bringing international attention to Japan. In 2008, Whisky Magazine chosethis single malt as the world’s best whisky. A single malt marked by partial ageing in sherry casks, it is rich, peated and slightly sweet. Nose: Smoky, grilled bacon. Eucalyptus and menthol. It develops with vanilla...

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    The most subtle and least peated single malt by Nikka comes from the Miyagikyo distillery on the island of Honshu. This unique and charming 15 years old single malt reveals the beautiful influence of oak and sherry. Nose: Nutty notes (nut oil) and spices, it reveals the influence of the sherry barrels used. With its pronounced rancio, it unveils fine...

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    In 2015, from the lesser known Chita distillery located in Aichi Prefecture, this single grain whisky was Suntory's launch of a new premium whisky brand in 11 years. The "single grain" used in the production is corn, giving it its sweet flavour with the complexities and balance that makes it one of its kind. This bottle is believed to be a 12 year old...

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    This is a release from the 1990s with wooden case. Nose: Woody, sherry, almonds, fruity Palate: Rich, sweet, Finish: Spicy aftertaste, peach and mango

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    Kavalan is whisky from the Taiwanese King Car Group.  located at the cross boundary of Yi-Lan Mountain and the sea. When the Pacific Ocean mist and the Snowy Mountain wind interact, the air circulating outside around of the casks will allow even better effects of “wood breathing” function. The “deeply asleep” whisky inside the casks will absorb the...

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    Suntory Pure Malt 7 Year White Label Special Grade. This is a limited edition whisky that was last circulated in 1985, launched before the Suntory Hakushu brand was released.  As can be seen from the shade of the whisky, the malt has been aged in sherry casks for over 7 years, at the Hakushu Distillery. Nose: Garden scents, ripe stone fruits Palate:...

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    The Suntory Special Reserve 10 Years "Married in Sherry Cask" made its debut in Japan on 9 September 1998. The malt and grain were matured for more than 10 years before the blending process began. After  malt and grain merged, it was further combined in toasted sherry casks. Nose: Oloroso sherry, dried oranges, fresh cream   Palate: Toffee, vanilla...

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    Fuji-Gotemba distillery, owned by Kirin Group, was founded in 1972 and is located in Gotemba city at the foot of Mount Fuji. The distillery is situated on the highlands, with a cool climate that makes it perfect for maturing whiskies. This whisky is named Fuji Sanroku, meaning “at the foot of Mount Fuji”, it is a 2016 limited edition release for its 18...

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    Vintage bottle from the 1990s

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    A rare and limited edition "decade-release" whisky from Yoichi distillery. This is an exquisite blend using malts from 1980 to 1989, making it the oldest expression of Yoichi in current times.  Nose: Strong, thick-bodied Palate: Cocoa, buttery, biscuits, sweet, peaty, salty. Finish: Long and smooth - Sublime Awards: Distillery Limited

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    This is a limited edition Old Pulteney 1989 distillery bottling, bottled in 2015 which makes it a good 26 years old vintage. It was aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, and the distillery is believed to have used heavily peated malt in the barrels to achieve the distinct "peaty, smoky" character of this whisky. Nose: Warm, smoky, light floral tones,...

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    A discontinued and very rare bottle of whisky from Ichiro's Malt, this is a gem for whisky collectors and connoisseurs alike. This whisky is matured in Port Pipes and released at full cask strength. Nose: Fruity, floral Palate: Complex flavours Finish: Long Awards: Limited Edition

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Showing 73 - 84 of 166 items