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Yamazaki Mizunara 2014


Mizunara is the unique Japanese oak tree found only in Japan and Yamazaki mature a portion of their Japanese Single Malt Whisky in Mizunara and blend this whisky into their various bottlings. The Yamazaki Mizunara jumps to the natural conclusion with all of the whisky having been matured in Mizunara for a true connoisseur's drinking experience.

Nose: Fruity & citrusy  with orange, lime, mixed sweetened citrus. Aint of vanilla, banana, spicy and tamarind.

Palate: Fruit but spice, taste with a light bitter after note than the sweet nose, in a good way. Cardamom tea and citrus, wonderful mixed.  

Spicy, medium length, sandalwood. Remains mildy bitter, but not over oaked or tannined to my palate. Awards: Limited Eidtion

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Product Feature

Alcohol %43%
TypeSingle Malt
With BoxYes
Box conditionMint
Limited EditionYes