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Togouchi 8 Years


The Togouchi whisky is a Japanese blend, that is so unique and unusual as it is aged in a tunnel then blended by the master blenders of Chugoku Jozo, its owner.

Chugoku Jozo is a liquor company, established in 1918, more famously known for its sake and shochu. It imports already distilled whiskies and performs the aging and blending inhouse. The whiskies are aged in sherry and brandy casks, housed in a mysterious location where the former Japanese National Railways dug as a prospecting tunnel over 387m, but was never used eventually. The conditions in the tunnel are ideal for whisky aging, with a constant temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 80%. To continue its success, Chugoku Jozo has recently filled a further 50 barrels and put them in the aging tunnel so that production of the whisky can continue.

Togouchi 8 Years is a limited release whisky that has been aged and stored for a minimum of 8 years in sherry oak casks, and is a blend of Scottish malts with Canadian grain.

Nose: Citrus, peaty, fresh grass, banana, pears, nuts.

Taste: Crisp, clean, honey notes, almonds, cocao nibs, buttered popcorn.

Finish: Medium. Oak, vanilla finish.

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